Monday, June 27, 2022

A quick 24 hours in Santa Barbara

 It's surprising how much you can fit in to 24 hours in Santa Barbara.  It's extra fun when you do it with a best friend.  

Recording a demo with Blake Lindsley

 Fun to get in the studio with Blake and record her animation demo.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Everett Peck RIP June 14, 2022

 Devastating news came that our dearly beloved Everett Peck has passed away.  Just two weeks ago he was teaching class.  I saw a photo on FB and was happy that he could now enjoy summer.  Little did we know that June 14th would be his last day.  I'm so sad that one of the best guys I've ever known has left this earth for parts unknown...

This is a short film about Everett that Vince and I made back in 2011.  Man, we loved this guy.

Dinner with my two favorite guys

After a day of dealing with some bad news it was so comforting to spend time with a couple of my besties.  Dinner at Messhall with Vince and Mario.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Mammoth June 3-6

 Tripping in Mammoth.  We got a spring do-over (temps in the 60's) with big puffy clouds and everything was green and just coming alive.  The flowers just bloomed, the streams were full and everything was buzzing, including us!  Nature at it's finest and we enjoyed every second of it.

We listened to favorite albums on our drive up.  Some Girls by the Rolling Stones was one of them.

It started to look promising the closer we got.

We checked in to our hotel and found a Mexican place for lunch.
Loved our hotel.
The view from our suite's windows:
After lunch we headed to the lakes.  This is Twin Lakes with it's gushing waterfall.

It was freezing there!  At this point I wondered if we brought warm enough clothes but we layered a lot and stayed warm.

Many years ago I did an etching of this fireplace.  It was fun to visit it this trip.
We were very happy with our hotel.  Check out the view from our place:

The next day we found a gorgeous stream with tons of wildflowers on the trail at the Hayden Cabin Museum.

This is the Mammoth Rock trail.  Gorgeous!

Convict Lake.  Truly a gorgeous walking trail around the lake.  

Lake George.  My favorite in the area.

The view looking down to the Twin Lakes.
The sunset from our window

The above shots were taken on my phone.  The following were taken by Vinney the pro.

I love this photo.  It has an old west feel to it...

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