Monday, January 21, 2019

A visit with cousin Thomas Harkness

I love it when my relatives come to California.  I remember holding Thomas in my arms when he was a little baby.  And now look at him!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

New Years, Birthday, Hello 2019

Such a fun holiday.  Lot's of food and friends and celebrating.  Here we are bundling-up for Joy and Roland's New Years party.

With miss Joy atop Mt. Feuer:
Hanging in the wine cellar with Kathy and Larry:
  More cellar dwellers - Bob and Beth and Jerry:
The next day we packed up the car and drove to Indian Wells for a couple of days of r&r and birthday celebrating.  Sometimes I don't want to open my presents because they're decorated so cute but then my curiosity gets the best of me and they get opened.

 Another year older, another year wiser (?)

Teuscher candy.  This time a box of mixed truffles (I already devoured the champagne truffles that I got on Christmas).  Which one shall I pick?
The birthday dance of life.   I was doing a happy dance because we just had an excellent sushi dinner at Okura in La Quinta.
Time to walk it off:
 My tail is showing:

 My birthday angel in the clouds:

 Do you see the rooster in the bush?

Amazing art at the Palm Springs Museum/Galen gallery in Palm Desert.  Here's a good use for packing peanuts:
 Her body was made from an old tin roof:
Silk holders.  So delicate.
This show was about re-using materials that are usually thrown away.  Old silk threads, material ends and other stuff you throw together for a new piece of art.

Hanging out by the fire pit at our hotel - The Miramonte:

The view from our room:
As you can probably tell, it was quite cold in the desert.  High of 59 in the daytime and got down to 36 in the early morning. swimming for us.
 I never lived in a coat as much as I have this past week.

Time to come home, put the decorations away and start 2019.  Here we go!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Walking off the food we've eaten

I love post holiday visits with friends.  Hiking in the hills with Nile, Christopher and Kostya.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

So much food!
I guess I was in the moment and forgot to take photos of our events.  We had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner at Mark's house and Christmas day with Vince's family.  I didn't take one damn picture!  So it's pix of food :)  But I forgot to take photos of everything I made (pumpkin crumb cake muffins, two apple cakes, fudge brownies with peppermint frosting, Mexican balls, p-nut butter cookies)...Damn, I'm slipping with the whole photo thing....

My second cake - made in a different pan and it came out more of a tart then a cake.  Both were good.

I'm dangling this paper string (we're not allowed real string because of the cats).
   And here's a picture of me trying to get the string out of Zuri's mouth.  She ate it.

Zuri digesting her string...