Friday, December 30, 2016

Zuri watching a Lion video

She was fascinated by the big cat and watched the whole thing.

Post Christmas visit with the Battles

With my sweetheart Sophie - 8 years old!

Sometimes my friends have kids and its the greatest gift to me :)  I love this kid!  She's smart and funny and so darn creative...

I think we'll be celebrating life with Chris, Eiko and Sophie for a very long time.  Some friends are forever keepers!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Celebrating Christmas in Santa Barbara

It was a picture perfect day in Santa Barbara (12/27).  A great day to celebrate Christmas with my mom, uncle Bob and Lorie.  We ate at Cafe Stella (delish!)

Mom and Uncle Bob checking out pictures of Lorie's grand children:

And then a walk on the beach on the most crystal clear day I've ever seen in SB:

Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Places

Jeni's heavenly ice cream....

Ocean Seafood:

Some Random Shots That I Find Amuzing

Cat pictures of course!  For those of you who have never met Roma, here she is:

  And here's Zuri in a box!

I think Zuri thought this present was for her.  She really wanted to help:

Bird in the bush

The little bird on the branch...

Wolf Connection

I had a great day in Acton at the Wolf Connection.  You take a hike with 10 wolves in the hills - it's magical.  Thanks Nancy for suggesting this fun event.

Christmas Balls

Oh Balls!  It's Christmas!

With my yoga kitty Cupcake:

Bakery in my kitchen

It was a perfect day to bake.  Cold and rainy outside, warm and yummy smelling on the inside.  Christmas is almost here!