Saturday, June 17, 2017

Solvang with Mom and Uncle Bob

An overnight stay in Solvang with my mom and uncle Bob.  I really enjoy traveling with these two.  They're up for anything.

We stayed at the Chumash Resort so of course we ate at the buffet. Look at my mom's plate!  And she packed another plate of desserts after that.

 The pool at the resort was very refreshing.

 The best part of the trip was watching my mom win money.  She got so excited when she won.

 The next day all mom cared about was getting a prune danish and some fudge.  I know where my sweet tooth comes from.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Barbie: Dreamtopia

Here's a link to a few of the Barbie: Dreamtopia episodes that just came out:    Click here:   Barbie: Dreamtopia Festival of Fun

A lovely day at Huntington Gardens

It was a glorious day in the gardens...

My constant companion

Zuri is the best cat ever!  She's so loving and constantly wants to sit in our arms.  She's needy and I love it!

Hanging with Mom at La Purisima Mission