Sunday, May 27, 2012

Placerita Canyon

We took a lovely Sunday hike today in Placerita Canyon.  The flowers are out in full force and it's a breathtaking California day.  This was the best wildflower fix I've gotten all year.

The hike is four miles roundtrip.  Perfect for us.  When we hit the two mile mark we rested and met these forest creatures:

This stump looked like a face

At first these little guys were afraid of Vince and would hide in their hole but then they got used to him and came out to pose.

I love this humming bird and chipmunk hanging out.

On our way back we came upon a beautiful California Mountain King snake.  It was crossing our path so we watched it climb up the rocks.

We kept back and it wasn't afraid of us.  We watched it scale the steep rocks so gracefully.

I think this gorgeous creature was about four feet long.

When we got back to the nature center at Placerita Park we showed the ranger our photograph and he said that he's never been fortunate enough to see one and wanted to know where it was.  Since it was about a 1/4 mile away he had to suffice with a photograph of the snake that Vince sent him.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

An Almost Total Eclipse of the Sun

A solar eclipse where the sun cast a crescent shadow.  The lighting was different for an hour.  The shadows of the trees and birds flying around were cast in crescent shapes on the wall.  So cool!

The next eclipse like this won't be until 2023 so I really enjoyed this exciting event.

The shadows on the wall were all in crescent shapes from the eclipse.

Cecelia's Senior Prom


Wellness Works Art Show

What a lovely night at Barnsdall Park.  Art From The Ashes hosted an art event paired with a food and wine tasting and silent auction to raise money to build wellness centers in the public schools.

This girl mariachi band was muy bueno!

Me with my print based on a picture from the book I'm holding.  It strikes me funny that I used a picture of solid matter and made it all girly by etching a heart in to it.

Vince and his piece, frozen in time...

Rebecca sold both of her color collages - you go girl!

I call this picture " two girls with meat sticks"...

Group shot of the artists.

And the hostest with the mostest...Joy Feuer and the lovely Lydia Hall.  These women are so talented it makes me weep.  Love being involved with Art From The Ashes.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Final Day at AMPAS

The last day of the event they had a "flip book" company come. The kids - big and small - loved making them.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tech Art 2 Closing Weekend

It's the closing week of Vince's show at AMPAS.  It's been a great six weeks of events, seeing good friends and sharing V's photography with members of the Academy.

It was so cool to see my favorite photo in the exhibition on the big screen during the Inside The Booth event.

Vince and Christy Nicolay.

Alan Heim and John Bryant.

Vilma Mendillo

Rick Rosenbloom posing with one of his favorites.

Kathy Cahill with one of her favs - and I think this wins the prize for most popular among all.

Vince and Julio Vera during the artists talk.

Bobby and Eileen Abayta by their favorite (and mine).

Nile El Wardani

Thanks Lorie for driving all the way from Santa Barbara to join the event.  So good to see you!

Nile, Kostya and Christopher - the hat club :)

Rebecca Pollack

Like I said, this one seemed to be everyone's favorite.

Lorie getting frisky with Oscar.

Later that day Vince and Julio shot an interview about the exhibit that you can watch on the AMPAS website.

Vince pondering his genius....ha ha!!!