Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tech Art 2 Closing Weekend

It's the closing week of Vince's show at AMPAS.  It's been a great six weeks of events, seeing good friends and sharing V's photography with members of the Academy.

It was so cool to see my favorite photo in the exhibition on the big screen during the Inside The Booth event.

Vince and Christy Nicolay.

Alan Heim and John Bryant.

Vilma Mendillo

Rick Rosenbloom posing with one of his favorites.

Kathy Cahill with one of her favs - and I think this wins the prize for most popular among all.

Vince and Julio Vera during the artists talk.

Bobby and Eileen Abayta by their favorite (and mine).

Nile El Wardani

Thanks Lorie for driving all the way from Santa Barbara to join the event.  So good to see you!

Nile, Kostya and Christopher - the hat club :)

Rebecca Pollack

Like I said, this one seemed to be everyone's favorite.

Lorie getting frisky with Oscar.

Later that day Vince and Julio shot an interview about the exhibit that you can watch on the AMPAS website.

Vince pondering his genius....ha ha!!!

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