Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kids and animals....

I'm sorry but W.C. Fields had it wrong.  We love working with kids and animals!  Spent the day shooting both and loved it. Here we are setting up a Christmas card shot with Cowboy:

Cowboy and Kabuki taking a potty break.  Watching these two frolic in the backyard put smiles on our faces.

After the dogs were finished we had a session with Jacob Bertrand.  He needed new head shots because kids at this age change fast.  His last photos were a couple of years old and he didn't look the same at all.

This is the poster that Vince shot a couple of years ago.  You can see how much Jacob's grown in the past two years.  And since that time he booked a Nickelodeon show called Marvin Marvin, does a voice on Bubble Guppies, has two Disney Pilots in the wings, has been on Parks and Recreation, has done voices for a bunch of movies.  I tell ya, this kid works!  The greatest part about him is what a goofy fun kid he is.  And talented too.  Besides acting he plays guitar and has a rich family life.  I love seeing kids being in this field but still staying grounded and real.  Bravo to his parents!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Two weddings, Two museums, A Sculpture Garden, Princeton, parties, fun times!

Friday:  The first thing I noticed when we got to New Jersey were the colors!  We've been living in a brown world in California so the colors really stimulated my soul.  These pix are in N. Brunswick, NJ in my Aunt Joann and Uncle Ross' neighborhood.

The first wedding we went to was my cousin Maria and Cesars's wedding at an old winery out in the countryside. Maria looked gorgeous as did all my family, everyone all dolled up for the occasion.  These photos are from the I-phone so they're not that great but I'm sure you'll get the picture :)

I love the tradition of throwing money at the couple as they dance as a symbol of abundance.

Hand rolled cigars after dinner

Saturday:  The next day uncle Ross did some chores.  Those trees might be pretty but they sure drop a lot of leaves.

The moment we arrived at my cousin Christina's house her kids were waiting to show me their drawings and cartoons. We disappeared for twenty minutes and wrote a script based on their characters then performed the script for the family. It was pretty funny!

Sunday:  We spent a lovely day with cousin John and family in Princeton.

We ate at Agricola - a local produce restaurant that was delicious.

It was our first day where it was really cold.  On went the scarves and sweaters and boots.

Luke channeling his inner Einstein.

On our trip we bumped in to two people we know.  My neighbor was on the same plane as us flying to NJ and as we were walking down the street in Princeton I heard a woman's voice say, "Vince?"  It was a former student from USC who lives in New York now.  She was visiting Princeton for the day.  Wow, small world.

Even though it was cold outside it didn't stop any of us from having a favorite dessert, gourmet ice cream.

Monday:  Philadelphia.  Our first stop was the Liberty Bell.

Then to Independence Hall.  It was quite the feeling to stand in the very room that the constitution was written.

But the biggest thrill was going to the Barnes Museum! OMG!!!  Over 180 Renoirs plus tons of Cezannes, Picasso's, Modagliani's.  I swear I died and went to art heaven.  If you ever get a chance to go to this museum don't hesitate, it was amazing.

Here we are before entering the galleries.  I had no idea what happiness awaited me.  We couldn't take photos in the galleries so no pictures of the art :(

Tuesday: More leaves to clean up - they just keep on coming.

 My dad finally arrived in New Jersey!

That evening we went to cousin Thomas and Lauren's house. I had a new cousin to meet - cutie pie smiley face Ryan:

Big brother Tyler:

Have you ever seen me so happy?  Thank you Sandy for bringing those cannoli's - the best ever!

The cream puffs and chocolate cake weren't bad either.  Hog heaven, of course I had to try all of them.

Wednesday:   Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton.  I loved this place.  Gorgeous grounds, art, food and drinks.  Paradise.  

I kept expecting to see Little Red Riding Hood strolling down the lane.

My dad took this photo.  I love the reflection.

Thursday:   Are you tired yet?  No way!  Today we went to New York with aunt Debbie and lovely cousin Elisha.  Guess where we went?

Yup, the Natural History Museum.  Check out the three girls standing next to us.  Definitely in the Witness Protection Program.

Central Park was in gorgeous form, every tree was aglow with color.

Friday:  Sharing a good laugh with Dad.  We were reading those Auto Correct mistakes that phones make that wind up really embarrassing people.  

Decorating the house.

At the church rehearsal

And then the rehearsal dinner party

Hmmm....a flask.  Seems like a well thought out present.

Sunday:  The day has finally arrived - Anthony & Jennifer's Wedding.

Corinne - I'm not going to let you forget that you said you'd fly to L.A. if we get you Price Is Right tickets.  Better start packing your bags.