Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kids and animals....

I'm sorry but W.C. Fields had it wrong.  We love working with kids and animals!  Spent the day shooting both and loved it. Here we are setting up a Christmas card shot with Cowboy:

Cowboy and Kabuki taking a potty break.  Watching these two frolic in the backyard put smiles on our faces.

After the dogs were finished we had a session with Jacob Bertrand.  He needed new head shots because kids at this age change fast.  His last photos were a couple of years old and he didn't look the same at all.

This is the poster that Vince shot a couple of years ago.  You can see how much Jacob's grown in the past two years.  And since that time he booked a Nickelodeon show called Marvin Marvin, does a voice on Bubble Guppies, has two Disney Pilots in the wings, has been on Parks and Recreation, has done voices for a bunch of movies.  I tell ya, this kid works!  The greatest part about him is what a goofy fun kid he is.  And talented too.  Besides acting he plays guitar and has a rich family life.  I love seeing kids being in this field but still staying grounded and real.  Bravo to his parents!

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