Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We recently had a fun visit with our friends Cathy and Chris who were visiting from France.  Chris' English is getting better and I'm surprised at how well you can get along by pointing and searching for a word that they'll understand.
For back-up I invited my friend Nile to join us and she speaks perfect French so she was able to talk to them in their native tongue.  Thanks Nile!

Up at the Hollywood Sign, they posed in front of this warning  about rattlesnakes and mountain lions...

Moments later we saw two deer nibbling on plants.  Five minutes later we were driving down the canyon and a coyote ran in front of our car running for its life.  Right on its tail was a giant Great Dane chasing it out of the neighborhood.  It was a very surreal sight.  Very exciting for our French friends.  I told them that Hollywood is very wild!

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