Saturday, November 26, 2011

With My Stooges

I love Three Stooges Day at the Alex Theatre.  Thanks Curt for starting such a great tradition.
We usually have lunch at Don Cuco's before the show but sadly the restaurant closed so we needed a new location.  This time we watched the Stooges then walked to the wonderfully tacky Hawaiian themed Damons for dinner and drinks.  So fun.  I had a Chi Chi!


Tammie said...

what is Chi Chi?
so glad you all had a good time. traditions can be grand!

Natasha Middleton said...

ha!that is great! I was a guest bartender @ Damons 1 night & wore high heels like an idiot not knowing there was a big black mat behind the bar with holes!!! I was in so much pain but made excellent Chi Chi`s :)