Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend Funtime

Started off the holiday by making coconut cupcakes.  Yummy!  I quickly gave a bunch of them away so that I wouldn't eat them all...

Spent a lovely day at Descanso Gardens.  Vince was working so Richie, Nicole, Matt and I went.  We ran in to these lovely ladies - twins - 91 years old - enjoying the beautiful day.

I asked if I could take a picture with them and they were so sweet, "come on, get in the middle."

Giving peace a chance

On Easter Day Vince, Nancy, Audrey and I went hiking at Red Rock Canyon Park.  The sun was out when we got in the car but by the time we got there it was clouding up.  The wind picked up and made the air invigorating and sweet smelling. Perfect for a hike.  Audrey couldn't wait to get on the trail:  "Are we there yet?"

Nan and Miss Audrey

On to the trails to see wild flowers:

About half way up the trail it started misting and as we climbed the hill it turned in to a steady drizzle.  It felt so good, cooling us off as we shuffled up up up...

Vince had to hide his camera for the rest of the trip so that's all the pictures I have to share of our hike.  By the time we got back to our car we were soaked and starving so over to Kung Pao China Bistro we went for a delish dinner.

We were home in time for sunset.  Here's a picture of my sweet Zuri looking so beautiful as she watched the sunset.
Happy Easter!

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