Monday, February 24, 2014

Vince's Birthday Fun

It's that time of year again....Vince's birthday!

We spent a lovely day at the arboretum taking pictures and enjoying the greenery.  With the drought upon us it was really nice to go to a garden lush with plants and flowers and see colors other then brown.

The perfect place for dinner after playing in the garden.

When we got to El Cholo Vince's sister Marla and our niece Cecelia snuck up on Vince.  It was great to celebrate V's birthday with them.

Cecelia was so excited about the grapes that she just bought.  I freaked when I saw them because my mom made the exact same grapes when I was a kid.  They sat on our living room table.  I had to get a picture so I can show my mom and dad :)


1 comment:

Tammie Lee said...

yea, looks and sounds as though you had a wonderful celebration.

photos are wonderful and the grapes are a fun coincidence. xo

happy birthday V!