Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Markie's House for Christmas Eve

One of my favorite traditions is having Christmas Eve dinner at Marks house.  Neal comes in from New York and makes a smoked mozzarella mushroom lasagne that is famous.  Mark's house is decorated and the table set with gorgeous '50's style dinnerware.  I think I was in such a food coma after eating this amazing meal that I forgot to take pictures of the desserts.  

Shitakes galore.  This is an extra bonus for me.

Check out the plates.  From Mark's mothers collection that she handed down to him.

We stuffed ourselves silly.  The appetizers were off the charts - garlic bread with caponara, roasted red peppers and marinated artichokes.  The meat eaters also had a plate of thinly sliced meats.
For dessert we had peppermint brownies, persimmon bread, mini cheesecakes with strawberry sauce and homemade whipped cream. And...vanilla Haagen Daz.  And the Ice Wine that Rick brought... sweet and delicious.  It was a pig out to be sure.  We were very happy.

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