Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The HBO Party after the Emmys

It's so strange when you work in the entertainment business.  There's such a weird blur of reality mixed with made up.  The Emmys really brought that home for me when I was watching them the other night.

Here's a few examples:   Vince was getting ready to go photograph the HBO After Emmy party.  I was watching the Live Emmy broadcast on t.v.  As Vince swung his camera over his shoulder and was kissing me goodbye I could see on the t.v. that Martin Scorsese just won an Emmy for best director.  Vince came home with pictures that he took of Scorsese at the HBO party.  So the man blurred from fake (on t.v.) to reality - Vince was standing in the same room with him taking his picture...

Steve Buscemi and Stanley Tucci

Another example of blurring the line:  I've worked on a few t.v. shows with Seth MacFarlane and I always remember him as a funny, kinda nerdy but nice guy who loved to joke with everyone.  I have a lot of personal memories with him.  Then I watch him on t.v. at the Emmys and Vince comes home with these pictures of Seth:

Seth looks drunk.  And he's smoking!!!

Seth's date - she's smoking hot!  V. said she was the most gorgeous gal there.

Another Example:  A few months ago V. and I were having breakfast at our local spot.  I looked up and there's Adrian Grenier from "Entourage" talking with some guy who didn't have a clue who he was.  They were talking about a dog or something not entertainment related.  That night I watched Entourage on t.v.  Weird, he's in my hood eating breakfast then at night I'm watching him run Hollywood with his posse on Entourage.  Starting to see my point about how strange it is to live in Hollywood????

And my favorite....Kevin Dillon

I miss Entourage already!!!!  Hope Kevin's new show is good.

Here's a few more pictures of peeps that I like that were at the party.  If you want to see more celebrity shots go to Vince's blog at:  Vinphoto.blogspot.com

Seal (one of the best singers in the world!) and Heidi Klum

Funny lady Kathy Griffin

Melissa McCarthy look out!  You're about to be bitten by a Vampire!!!

Alan Cumming rocking the red carpet.  LOVE IT!!!

Funny man, Johnny Galecki from Big Bang Theory

The Good Wife


Tammie said...

awesome to see V.'s photos and to hear about your duality reality. sending you love,

Gav said...

Great stuff, Vince

Kikey Castillo said...

totally weird blurred reality, yet somehow it's our reality. Great blog Donna :)