Sunday, September 18, 2011

"IT'S NOT MY FAULT" E. Peck Exhibit

Not many people could entice me to drive on the 5 freeway in bumper to bumper traffic for two hours to get to Oceanside but Everett didn't even have to ask.  We couldn't wait to see his show at the Oceanside Museum of Art.

It was well worth the drive....

With the (Duck) man that started it all

Helen Peck, Alysia Painter,  Me, Everett and Chris Painter

There was a great turnout to hear  Everett talk about his art

They recreated an office to exhibit some of Everett's t.v. show artwork.  I felt like it was a "this is your life" exhibit for me too since I've worked on two of his shows, "Duckman" and "Squirrel Boy"

Everett casting his magic spell on the audience.

I love this sassy assed Duck.

I first met Vince working on Duckman so it will always have a special place in my heart.

My Squirrel Boy compatriots, Chris and Alysia Painter.

Everett and Producer Michael C. Gross, who curated the show.

Squirrel Boy in the background, Duckman on the right - two of my favorite all time shows!


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