Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jenna and Quinten's Wedding Day - Live, Love, Laugh

A special wedding for Jenna and Quinten at the Circle Bar B Guest Ranch in Santa Barbara.  Everything was so beautiful - the bride was stunning, the groom so handsome, the ceremony full of true emotions of love.  What a perfect day.

A breather after the ceremony.

Quinten and John - great friends and now brothers in law.

Gug and John Jr.

I usually don't like the taste of wedding cakes but I've got to say this one was delicious.  Chocolate cake with strawberries inside.  Yum.

That You Tube video that went viral a few years ago has started a whole new trend in weddings.... choreographed performances from the wedding party.  Here's the bridesmaids doing their dance.

Joann kept teasing Vince about how handsome he is.  I finally said, "let me take a picture of you two." I think she wants to keep him :)

These photos are all from our phone so red eyes and all here's the lovely couple.

Quinten wanted a big old steak for his dinner.  The groom got what he wanted.

The father of the bride and his little girl.

Lorie and Gug watching over their girl and new son in law.

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