Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ocean Seafood in China Town and The Trains in Griffith Park

Had a fun day in China Town and Griffith Park with Rich, Nicole and Matt.  We started our day at Ocean Seafood for Dim Sum. Happiness on a plate!  I'd been craving bao for a month so it tasted extra good.

After we ate we shopped.  I bought a toy gun/lighter/lazer light that the cats love, and a bamboo roller so I can take a stab at making home made sushi....

And this awesome doggy change purse...gotta love China Town!

Then we went to Griffith Park and took Matt on a train ride.

Then to Travel Town to play on the big trains....

Vince was there too but he was so busy taking photos that he didn't get in any of them. to remember to take one of him when we're on our adventures.

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